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Thread: What is going on? GTX 780 not compatible?

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    Default What is going on? GTX 780 not compatible?

    I bought a brand new asus gtx780 today and I've replaced my old GTX 295 with it.I go into the game and what do I see? Some really nasty looking textures! Like I was using some old crappy AGP card. I maxed all the settings out to no avail.My char's armor looks like some melted chocolate and all the surroundings look so poor.The textures feel like 1998.
    It's like AoC isn't compatible with gtx 780? I have the latest driver and all.I've just tried couple od DX11 games and they work like a charm.
    WTH is going on with AoC?
    Is anyone having similar problems with the 700 series?
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    Try the default high setting. Might have a bug on one of the settings. Make sure you are proper resolution also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfdead View Post
    Try the default high setting. Might have a bug on one of the settings. Make sure you are proper resolution also.
    I did that.I switched to high, then back to custom with all settings high.I played with AA.I chose shader 2.0 and went back to 3.0.My resolution is at 1080p.
    The beautiful textures just don't want to appear.It's all bland and feels like playing on a pc from the 90's.

    Thanks for the response though.Any advice helps.

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    Ok, I've found a solution.
    I was changing everything except the resolution.I started messing with it a little.I changed it to to lower one on the character selection screen, and then put it back to 1080p and the high res textures came back.
    The when I logged into the game, I had to do the same thing.It looks like I have to " reset " the textures that way.
    Funny thing though that all the area around me gets refreshed and then some other char appears in front of me with....low res textures.

    I hope I won't have to change those resolutions back and forth hundreds of times for each instance.
    The solution has been found though it seems so I'm a happy camper.
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    No problems here with my GeForce Titan on the GeForce 320.49 Driver.

    After the GPU installation, I did a complete re- installation of Age of Conan and the directX end-user runtime.

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    gtx770 no problems at all. Change to hi-res texture in launcher if you did not do that yet. - Age of Conan feat planner
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    Have you tried deleting the shader cache in the AoC directory? Sometimes that helps with random video weirdness.

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    try go into your Age of Conan directory and delete

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    Couple of hours after my last post, I realised the problem was still there.Changing the resolution back and forth seemed to have alleviated the problem but only temporary.Each Alt + Tab into desktop and back resulted in the same blurry, ugly textures resetting.Same with restarting the game.No matter how hard I fought with it, it kept coming like a freaking zombie.
    Until I switched to DX 10 mode....
    Now, that's what I call a nice quality! All the problems dissapeared.Everything is running on max settings.Just beautiful.

    It's a completely other subject why the fps in tortage suddenly drops from high 80's to even below 30 near the trader.I guess it must have something to do with either the drivers not being fully compatible with AoC ( I heard that nvidia hasn't been cooperating with Funcom well on this matter ) or bad engine optimisation?

    Before anyone asks me " How come you played the DX 9 mode on GTX 295 ?"... I did that to have smoother gameplay and since DX10 has never been properly used by almost any game out there ( just a few ), I didn't trust it to be superior to DX9.Let's say sticking with DX9 became an old habbit.
    So I'm happy I was " forced " to try the DX10 mode. It's great and the overall graphical quality is much better ( gotta love those underwater sun rays! ).
    Old habbits die hard they say...

    Anyway, thanks for your tips guys.It's much appreciated.

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