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Thread: World Boss Legendary cloaks and Vanaheim rings - why keep class restrictions?

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    Lightbulb World Boss Legendary cloaks and Vanaheim rings - why keep class restrictions?

    Legendary world boss cloaks are great and all game classes do get a 4 version selection of cloak reward per archetype, but now its been 3+ years since the portent quest was introduced.. so most players that did world boss every month are getting their final cloak of 4 available, including myself, at the end of the year. So, why not unlock other class cloaks as rewards for World Boss quest? pretty sure +str barbarian cloaks will do well with bs and tanks, Wis + magic dmg will suit DTs, and so on.
    Another thing is Vanaheim expansion rings, that are class restricted for some reason, making it the worst tank ring selection of "damage sponge" ring with no dps whatsoever. pretty sure the argument for "it'll break the balance in classes" is out the window with introduction 1 yr later the "catalyst rings and gems for them. vanaheim clan vigidis rings are great alternative to t5 /t4 rings selection, even more tuned to classes, except for tanks. IMHO restriction does not make sense to keep on those rings when they no longer are the best rings in game. As another example , the pit masters Arena vendor necklaces are not class or archetype restricted and that is great and welcome thing. We've payed for Vanaheim, why keep it from being better?
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    Angry finger restrictions all rings also

    finger restrictions all rings also should be changed also

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