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Thread: Raid Finder stopped dropping T4 Relics

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    Default Raid Finder stopped dropping T4 Relics

    So my character is saving for a T4 weapon. I got 90 T4 relics in about 2-3 months and then none at all the past 6 weeks. Has anyone else had this happen? Where you get about 90 and then nothing? Just wondering if it's coded in or something?

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    Got T4 relics last night so they're still there...

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    7 weeks and no T-4 relics. I will say I have too many T-3 Relics and have gotten 4x Dragon Tears. Would be nice to be able to trade-up the excess T-3's even at 5 to 1 just to keep the Raid Finder progression balanced. Eventually I want to start doing the actual T4 and T5 raids of course.

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    90 T4 relics and 4 dragon tears without doing T4 raid, gg Raid Finder!

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