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Thread: Response to Exploit Reporting?

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    Default Response to Exploit Reporting?

    It has been more than a week since Ive emailed about a certain exploit. Policy prevents me from divulging any information on this forum but my reason for this thread lies in the fact that NOONE HAS SENT ANY REPLY BACK FROM FUNCOM.

    It saddens me to think that FUNCOM does not have enough people to perfrom daily maintaining and policing this game.

    I am only concerned in them admitting that these exploits in PVP are indeed there and that they are trying to do something about it. Or at least admit there is little they can do and tell us what we should be looking for in minigames so as to report those that actually do it

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    Go to test server forums and report it under the private bug/exploit reports. Then you can see how many people actually read your thread and the thread is limited only to funcom employees.

    Or resubmit an email. Posting about it in open forums is going to likely get this thread deleted or closed down.
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    His complaint is there appears to be no acknowledgement of that email which gives the impression nothing is being done about his concerns.
    A valid point to make on the forums imo.

    It takes seconds to verify receipt and signal an intention to address the issue.

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    I can't quote actual policy on emails (literally, I can't - I don't know it) but I wouldn't expect a reply if I emailed one.

    Saying that I wouldn't be surprised if you got a bulk standard thank you email. I definitely wouldn't expect a personal reply.

    I suggest petitioning it if you feel it is that serious of an exploit.

    But, as per guidelines I can't allow a topic on exploits.

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