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    Default Tainted alkahest

    Modus operandi :

    1, Have the item you want remove the gem from in your inventory.

    2, Have the Tainted Alkahest in you inventory as well.

    3, Shift + left click on your item to pop up the window that shows you the stats+gems of the item.

    4, Shift + right click the gem you want to remove and select the DELETE option.

    N.B. : you do not have to use the tainted alkahest itself, the potion just disappears when you delete one gem, because yes, only one gem gets removed by the potion.

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    also unmount and sheath your weapon before you start

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    The whole 'trick' to using tainted alkahest is to have the gear info panel up and fixed on screen and clicking the gem to be removed in the info panel. This will prevent accidentally deleting the gear item. (Can't stress this too much.)

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    What boss in Xib drops this recipe again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sth4485 View Post
    What boss in Xib drops this recipe again?
    Will drop from one of the possible bosses spawned in the room off the hall right before the bridge boss. (Can't recall the specific one though.)

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    Do you have to be an alchemist to use the recipe to make tainted alkahest?

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    Several people have seen the recipe drop from the dog boss, but i've never seen it myself.

    As for the recipe, yes you need to be an alchemist.

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    Vindicator of Acheron (there are other forms of the same boss with different names) drops the alchemist recipe. I've seen it a few times but I don't remember which version of the boss had it. Some say that only Vindicator drops it.
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    Back when you could switch instances i know several people that farmed it. Vindicator was roughly 1/2 drop rate. Others didnt have any luck on.

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