Community Update - 27th April

We are aiming for two live updates in May, the first should come the week after next, and is a smaller update with some code fixes, the start of the new Facebook integration some have seen on testlive, and to sneak in some goodies for the birthday celebrations. Then at the end of the month we are aiming for the main update. This will bring with it the new maximum level version of some of the dungeons, and the great new final encounters that will wrap up the tier four raid experience, and bring the latest parts of the system updates. We are aiming to try and get the new raids onto the test servers towards the end of next week, so keep an eye out for testing details.

The Monthly Development Update for April will be out on Monday. It will cover details and information on the Sprint mechanic revamp, Multi Feat Specs, planned Tempest of Set and mage class revamps, and Faction Vendor changes.