Update 1.06 also adds something the players have been requesting for a long time – a token system for raid loot. The token system is added to Tier 1 and Tier 2 as well as Tier 3 raids. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the randomness (or perceived lack thereof) in the loot drops.

Under this Token System, a player will first obtain a 'relic' drop from slaying a raid boss. These relic items come in several varieties, including one type that is archetype specific. When used in your inventory, these relic items add tokens to your character.

You can then use tokens to purchase items from an in-game vendor that are priced in some amount of tokens plus gold. The token vendors are located in Old Tarantia near the Temple of Mitra, and in Kheshatta near the npc Nefersuktum. You will need to enter a door at both of these locations to access the vendor instance. There is a Royal Collector vendor in King Conan's Castle that will sell special armor to soldiers in exchange for tokens.

A number of rewards are now available only through tokens, a number of rewards are available through both tokens and as a drop, and a number of special rewards are only available as a drop. This means quite a bit more gear available through T3 overall than was available in T2. This allows us to offer a lot more choices to the player, give the player a safety-net that is free from the randomness of loot rolls, but still retain the "what's on the corpse?" factor which we feel adds a lot of anticipation and excitement to encounter completion.

For example : the entire T3 set may be purchased via tokens, but the belt, gloves, wrists and shoulders can additionally drop off bosses. Therefore players have a choice whether to spend their tokens on these pieces, or get the drop and spend their tokens on some other reward that cannot drop.