The first iteration of Update 1.06 is now available on the Testlive servers for our players to check out and test. You find instructions here on how to access the Testlive servers and the separate Testlive forums where you can discuss the update and give your input.

Together with various changes and improvements, Update 1.06 also introduces new features and content to Age of Conan. The following overview highlights the most important ones and also includes links to articles which describe them in a bit more detail:

Guild Renown

Guild Renown is a new leveling and reward system for guilds in Age of Conan. Members of guilds can experience their epic adventures as they normally do today while contributing to their guild’s Renown simply by playing the game. There are three types of Renown - Valor (PvE), Glory (PvP), and Artistry (Crafting), which broadly describe three different play styles. As players progress in game, they will be able to progress their Guild Renown for the entire guild and unlock awesome rewards to be shared with each member of their guild. Guild Renown has a maximum of 20 levels to be achieved by the entire guild.

Every week, Age of Conan will rank the top-earning guilds, not only in total points earned (of any kind), but also in the total Valor, Glory, and Artistry earned for that week.

This article here provides further details about the rankings and rewards for each of the 20 Guild Renown levels.

New Tier 3 Raid Instance: "Toth-Amon's Stronghold"

Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold is our new Tier 3 raid instance. It has seven boss encounters, including Thoth-Amon himself. In addition players will encounter some of Thoth-Amon’s most powerful allies, both new ones and some they might have met, or at least heard of, before - like Hathor-Ka.

On Testlive, Toth-Amon's Stronghold can be accessed by talking to the Raidmaster to get attuned for Tier 3 and afterwards entering Toth-Amon’s castle located in the city of Kheshatta.

Read this article to learn more about this new raid instance.

Raid Loot Token System

Update 1.06 also adds something the players have been requesting for a long time – a token system for raid loot. The token system is added to Tier 1 and Tier 2 as well as Tier 3 raids. Hopefully this will help alleviate some of the randomness (or perceived lack thereof) in the loot drops.

More details about this system can be found in this article.

(You can talk about these infos in this thread in General Discussions)