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    Funcom Get a level 50 character

    All players with characters already above level fifty now have a one time option to create another character that starts life at level fifty. This character can be of any class you want to make so you can jump straight into a different class without having to go through the early leveling stages. This is available to all players from here on in after they reach the milestone of leveling a character to level fifty. An empty character slot is required to create this character.

    To create this level 50 character, just create a new one like you usually do. At the end of the character creation process (when you press [Play]) you will see a window asking you if you want to start this character as a level 50 or not.

    Please remember: every account is entitled to one 'direct to level 50' character only.

    Issues with creating your 'free' level 50 character

    We will now allow players who have made a mistake on their new level 50 characters (either by choosing the wrong class or choosing the wrong server) to petition in-game and receive a new one. We understand that there has been some concern with the communication on this promotion and this is our way of helping resolve that concern.

    To better serve everyone's request we're asking all players to not delete their newly created level 50 character if seeking in-game assistance on this matter. Please be patient while waiting as we're going to try to get to everyone as quickly as possible.
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    We will no longer be fixing mistakes concerning the level 50 boost for customers that make a character after 04:00 GMT June 28, 2009. We'll still assist customers that made a mistake and created them before that date.
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