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Thread: Anniversary of the King's Crowning

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    Funcom Anniversary of the King's Crowning

    People of Hyboria, King Conan, beloved ruler of Aquilonia, celebrates another year of his reign over the Jewel of the West. To honor this event, you all are invited to take part in the small festivities happening in the Tarantia Noble District outside of King Conan's castle tomorrow, Saturday 23rd May starting 13:00 GMT.

    This would be a perfect moment to use the fireworks which were handed out to all the people of Hyboria this week (use /claim to get this item in your inventory if you haven't already).

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    The announcement of this happening might have lead many players to expect a bit more than it actually was intended to deliver. The main idea was to provide a place where players can gather to celebrate and maybe use their firework items in bigger masses and get great screenshots for the competition described in the last newsletter than it is usually possible.

    So the 'festivities' in front of Conan's castle are there to give players a point where they can meet, buy food and drink and celebrate.

    We apologize if some expected more and are now disappointed.

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