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Thread: Nerdslayer on Age of Conan in maintenance mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebless View Post
    As to AoC; I didn't know the combat system 'didn't pass the test of time'. I still hear that praised as one of the better things in the game.
    I agree. The combat system is fun. And - unlike WoW, for example, at least back the days - it is fun for all classes. There are differences, of course, but all dishes on the menu are at least okay, and that's not something all games can claim.

    That and the animations. Even AAA titles like Skyrim come nowhere close to the character animations in AoC.

    Regarding the MMO genre... After some thought, I want to add to my point. I think that back in '05 or so, many game companies thought that all MMOs would become huge hits, just as WoW had become. Turns out that wasn't the case, and many claimed that the MMO genre was dead instead of admitting that they had created an MMO (like WoW), but not a "good"* one (unlike WoW). It's as if making a bunch of pirate movies after Pirates of the Carribean came out and expecting them to succeed just because they are pirate movies and PotC was a pirate movie.

    Just for sake of clarification: I still like AoC. Despite the shitty policy of Funcom. Despite the oftentimes terrible forum community (though that has increased imho). Despite the lack of fan sites (except Cinara's, Slith's, Kentarii's and Johara's commendable efforts). Despite the very, very slow development of new content. Despite the glaring bugs nobody cares to fix. Again. Because they fixed them before and brought them back in. *pulling out hair*

    But one cannot deny that it has, in many ways, failed. It did not become the rain-maker Funcom would have needed. It did not "kill WoW". It lost more players than many other games ever had - literally. It succeeded in many things, too. But overall, none of these saved the ship from running ashore. It's still a nice ship. But it's not going anywhere anymore.

    *good in the meaning of successful, popular, long-time money-maker and so on. One may have split opinions on wether MMOs in general and WoW or AoC in particular is a good game.
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    Geez, what a long video. I guess any Age of Conan video is still a better Ad than what Funcom did (nothing!).

    I like how Funcom is trying to spoil Conan Exiles Community,

    Dear exiles,
    You've been incredibly patient with us (and our BI ESE) over the weekend and we first wanted (your money) to give our very heartfelt (BEER!) thanks for (spending your money and time) being so patient as we've been working (mostly at the pub) things out. Thanks for all your (money) feedback and your (BEER MONEY!) constructive comments.
    For how many years have we been patient with Funcom?
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    .. Steady! We have not fled, we are not beaten, and even should they throw us in chains, we are there, and shall remain! And victory will be ours.. And whether we are alive or not when that goal is reached, our programme will be alive; it will reign in the world of a barbarian mankind. Yes, in spite of everything.

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    sadly, yes, this game is dead, it is for me, i won't play anymore, but, i had my fun with it, i loved it like no other game...
    i don't know exactly what happened, this game had all the potential to become on of the most popular mmos in the market... perhaps we will never know....

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    kinda funny to see the emotion in so many of the comments on youtube

    most people fell off after tortage, I did myself, and it was by pure chance I started playing again before 1.04 and found out the game was rather nice at that point. the game really opened up after tortage, with full feat-trees and content. the guys that said tortage was all the game haven't played the full game, and unfortunately that is the majority of the players that tried aoc. but I guess it was rather bad before ymir's pass came, in terms of grinding mobs for levels.

    it's a shame though, to see how the guy is only showing tortage gameplay, and using numbers from steam to estimate playerbase. How many % of aoc players have it from steam? Anyone know?

    he should have shown real 80 content... Like we all say now: the game starts at 80, and this guy is here soon to be 10 years later showing only TORTAGE.
    but these days... you could say afk-farming start at 80 with RF, WB and arena

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