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Thread: 5th Anniversary Celebration ends, but more bonuses to come!

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    Funcom 5th Anniversary Celebration ends, but more bonuses to come!

    We wish to thank everyone who participated in our 5th Anniversary Celebration and hope you all had fun fighting against the legendary monsters over the last few days. Their invasion has been driven back by hordes of the dedicated defenders of Hyboria!

    We also hope everybody is enjoying the gifts they got for the event, and that our Members appreciate the improved bonuses that Membership now gives.

    However the Anniversary Celebration is not quite over yet. To wrap up this event we wish to reward our valued Members with yet another bonus: At the end of tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th of May, all level 80 characters on any Membership accounts will receive 40 Alternate Advancement (AA) points.

    But that is not all, because after another 50 days, on Thursday the 18th of July, all level 80 characters on a Membership account will receive an additional 40 AA points! This applies to every level 80 character on a Membership account, even if they have received bonus AA points before!

    Remember the Anniversary Campaign offer which gives 50% more Membership time when buying 3, 6 or 12 months of Membership is running until the 30th of May, and that purchasing several months of Membership immediately rewards Veteran Points for all the months.

    Click here to buy or extend your Membership now

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    To clarify. The mentioned 40 Alternate Advancement (AA) points will be added during today's server downtime.

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