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Thread: Rejoice Pvpers

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    Although I´m more of a pve-player (about 90 % of the games I play I mostly pve in, so I´m your typical carebear) I think you have been neglected too long as you are also part of this (with the right amount of moderation) awesome community.

    Therefore rejoice as things are about to change soon. On Massively there is an exclusive interview with our new evil Overlord Joel. And look what he said when it comes to PvP:

    Interviewer: In your AoC game director's letter, you talked about looking forward to the new Conan movie to incorporate elements of it into the game. Moving forward, will there be a focus again on the PvP element of the game?

    Joel: Absolutely, I have heard a lot of voices crying out for more focus on PvP in Age of Conan. I think that if you have a game that incorporates PvE and PvP, you need to give some love to both. In The Secret World, we have made updates to PvP every time we have made updates to PvE (whether people are happy with the updates is another discussion), and I'd like to get into the same practice on Age of Conan.

    Whole interview can be read here:

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    awwwwwwwwww...I'm speachless...again...awwwwwwwwww

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    I'm looking forward to it.

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    Its really nice to have a GM who speaks about things openly even from the hard subjects. I hope Funcom will give him resources enough to do his thing and AoC will have better times ahead.

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    ill start believing he will bring pvp content when bori is removed

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    I hope he turns ship in the right direction. But its hard to get it off from iceberg while MMO is taking water inside so fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by noite80 View Post
    ill start believing he will bring pvp content when bori is removed
    Yes, it must be worst PvP content alltime in an MMO. Encourages you not to fight... I always wondered why they didnt try to change it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noite80 View Post
    ill start believing he will bring pvp content when bori is removed
    He can't remove bori unless he reset everyone pvp lvl to ZERO
    think about it!

    Of course the best thing ever to do would be remove all bori gain (exp tokens AA) from players past then remove bori but that would not be possible

    What he needs to do is get sieges working lag n crash free then bring in NEW pvp content

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    Seriously... stop it with Bori... one of the best place to hunt in open-world. No guards, something that encourages you to fight relatively far from rez and some targets. Glowing altar ? Stop that from happening ! Kick out diggers/hunters from the zone. Not to mention other nice things about it, such as the possibility to get all the mats you need to build keeps without, ever, digging.

    There's two ways to look at this content:
    -I need to dig to get pvp XP and tokens.
    -I can gank and don't give a rat's arse about xp.

    99% of the sacrifice i made there, on all my characters, where with mats friends and i looted. I'd say 75% of the most epic, spontaneous, challenging, enjoyable fights i've had in open-world took place there in the last year and a half. Not keshatta or pin-pin with guards all other the place.
    Bori was truly awesome when it launched with guild groupes digging with a glimpse of pride, trying to avoid getting kicked out by outnumbered hunters. Calling more friends. Hunting down hunters, and hunters playing hide and seek. Climbing up trees, pulling rangers into ambush, using jump tricks to cut a groupe in half and kill them... and of course die a lot trying to achieve that. I had so much fun PvPing there that it doesn't bother me the slightest that other BS at the time got from pvp 7 to pvp 10 in 2 months while it took me a year.

    With my experrience of Bori, which i assume everyone could have had the same if they wanted to, it is hard to see people criticizing this feature as anything else than jealousy, disdain,... call it however you like, towards the players that quickly reached PvP 10 without "deserving" it.
    Bori know though has become the PvP "KK tour". Boring as hell but yet done compulsively till nausea by players for whom gear matters too much. Easy, pugable, leave groupe if it doesn't work out. Remove it know ? What for ? You get your pvp levels and tokens nearly as fast by doing minis.
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